We supply and installs closed circuit television systems (CCTV Systems) for: Schools; Retail; Filling Stations; Pharmacies; Industrial Companies; Homes; and more.

Key Features


Wireless camera for cable-less installations


Remote Access via mobile device

Masked thief in a messy dark room

Protective casing (Anti-Vandalism)

dark street

Infrared cameras that work well in dark spots and daylight

CCTV security camera for outdoor space monitoring

Customised to your requirements

All systems differ according to the customer needs, the area in which it is installed and the type of surveillance required.

A DVR is needed that accommodate from 4 cameras up to the high-end need. The DVR controls all incoming visual data and record this digitally. Audio for cameras can also be added.

There are many types of cameras for every need but the most common are a dome, bullet and ptz and each has selections for quality, infrared, light filters etc. and can be customised according to the need of the customer.

Payment Options

CCTV systems can be bought cash or rented

Get a FREE proposal

Contact us to do a free surveilance of the premise and supply a proposal that will includes full installation and training.

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